The joys of newegg


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A month ago a co-worker approached me about fixing his 2004 Gateway socket 478 crap box with a dead mobo. I look on the 'egg, find a mobo that fills the bill and as he had 512Mb ram, ordered 1gig more. Gets here and it's a DDR2 mobo... I missed that bit. Save the DDR as it was cheap and go local and buy DDR2 for it.

Get it built, it works then dies. Buy a new one and sent the first one back for refund to save him some time. Second one is dead. Call newegg and request an RMA as I'm not buying a third and they do an advanced RMA where they shipped the new board that day. Sweet. I send the 2nd board in and the new one arrives and does like the first one, dies when I was taking it home to it's owner.

I decide the mobo is crap, request an RMA for refund and buy all new mobo, CPU and 24 pin PSU for dude's PC. As he didn't want to wait for the mobo to be sent to CA via UPS ground and be approved for RMA, I paid for the new parts and would get the refund later.

I had no idea how much later it would be...

I sent the mobo off on the 2nd of this month, they got it on the 6th, approved the refund on the 9th telling me it'd be 3-5 days. Last refund came in 3... I've been down this route before but I can understand it happens. 6 days later I call asking where is my refund? I get told it was approved and would take 3-5 days, I say "No shit, it's been 5 days+, where is my refund?" They explain it was 3-5 working days.

I wait to the 5th day, call back and ask "Where's my refund?" I get some shit from a total bitch telling the same story I'd already heard 5 days ago. I tell her she's mistaken me for someone that cares when I'm someone that wants his fricken money. I hang up and file a PP claim for significantly different than advertised (faulty and sent back) hoping they'd resolve it. They send me a denial as fast as it takes to open my email program so I call wanting to know why.

They only do it for ebay... I tell the guy if that's the case then they're useless as I'd be able to do a chargeback if I used my debit card and since I used bank transfer through them I even lose that!

By that point I'm furious.

I waited yet another 5 days, called newegg and finally spoke to someone that had a brain in his head (nice guy in spite of the fact that at that point I'm mad enough to eat nails) who admits the fault laid with them and he'd get it issued that day but by this point I'm done with newegg and I tell him so. I told him that instead of getting my refund in a timely manner I got the runaround and as I'm a decent guy I've already refunded my co-worker the $110 we spent on the first two mobos so That's $55 of my money that I've got invested while they're hunting snipe.

I'm done with newegg and I'm done with PayPal. It's not worth the trouble.
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