The Basics of Multi-Monitor Gaming


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The world of multi-monitor gaming is a small but ever growing community of dedicated individuals who enjoy a rich and immersive game-play experience. Multi-monitor gaming can be a complicated transition, however, this how-to guide is here to help ensure you have as few problems when you decide to pass through the veil of multi-monitor gaming.

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Rob Williams

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Excellent article, Brandon!

I've been yearning for a multi-monitor setup for a while, and this sure does whet the appetite even more. I'll ultimately have to take the NVIDIA route as some emulators and older games I run don't cooperate with AMD too well, so I'm looking forward to dealing with that. I've only ever had multi-monitor experience with AMD up to this point.


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Sadly I wish AMD would go the route of Nvidia, but I don't think it's possible with how their drivers are written. If I remember right, the AMD Eyefinity make it look like multiple monitors instead of a single monitor like NVIDIA Surround; this makes centering a particular element like a HUD difficult if not impossible to accommodate after a game has been released.

AMD certainly lead the way to single card multi-monitor, but NVIDIA is definatly showing they have learned from AMD mistakes and sailing forward; when AMD seems like it's still struggling to get out of the harbor as of late.