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Is it going to be worth it? Ive heard mixed emotions...

In a market currently lacking RPGs and being flooded with SOCOM, halo, and navy seal type games do the MK type games even stand much of a chance?

If you were 4 yrs old right now... would you rather play tetris? or Halo 2?

I'm not sure fighting games are going to live much longer in the mainstream. Not unless they go through some drastic changes.


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Japan is probably the biggest place for video games. Fighting games are a huge part of video gaming in Japan. How? Well Japan still has a good number of arcades where people attend to regularly. What are the popular games in an arcade? Fighting games. Fighting games are meant to be played by other people. And since arcades are still popular in Japan, fighting games do very well over there. As for America, people want to stay home a lot more these days, and finding a decent arcade is a hard thing to do.
As stated earlier, fighting games are meant to be played with more then 1 person. It's a fighting game, wheree you can put the beat down on your friends and family. Since many people stay home, its a bit hard to find someone to challenge you.
But these days its all about online gaming. Once fighters start becoming online like MK Deception, I think the fighting game genre will still stand strong.


I think fighting games really shine on the holidays... who doesnt enjoy laying the smackdown on your relatives? As for the rest, we do have a flooded shooting game market right now, but also there are tons of fighting games and it really is a hard genre to break into decently because how many times can you really rework the basic recipe for them. Until something comes along that really does break the mold I dont think any fighting games are really going to have a chance to shine.

adam bethray

I also am a person who likes fighting games.teken is 1 of the best fighting games iv ever played.But ive never been to japan so i dont know how big fighting games are over thair.

Rob Williams

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I can imagine that they are big business over there.

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