Taking a Tour of Kingston's Hsinchu Factory

Rob Williams

Staff member
The best part of being in Taiwan for Computex is that we're so close to a huge number of companies that we deal with on a regular basis. As Kingston has a factory not too far outside of Taipei, Hsinchu to be exact, the company invited a group of journalists and industry friends to take a tour. We were there, and relay our experiences.

Read about our experiences at Kingston here and discuss it here! Huge thanks to Kingston for bring us along on the tour, it was great fun :D


I Love Kingston. It is all I have used in my PC's. I remember speaking to a Kingston sales rep at one of my old jobs confrence they put on. He told me they stress their server ram in an "oven" so to speak, to simulate temperatures and useage. Great pictures! Did you get any kingston SWAG?