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The One, The Only...
To start off with, some of you are in the dark about the fact that I have been living in Korea for 4 months, and have not actually had a computer where I am living. (It does freak rob out that I seem to be able to be online when ever I want and from strange places)

Anyhow... I am looking to buy:

Which runs:

The reasons I am looking into this:

You can bumb a wifi connection at 100+ places here in Korea. The problem is getting something of a resonable size to connect with.
It has skype, and supports skype. Also skype recently supports linux better, and this OS is based on that. It basically is a Wifi Video phone, which rocks!
It browses the web. Enough said.
Once I get a computer, I can use some more recent torrenting developments from outside the house.

I am buying it used for ~200k KRW (which is pretty decent) And im getting a few things like a free 4gb SD with it. (which is cool cause now I can swap out my cameras card with it for pictures and etc.)

Anyone know of a down side to this thing? I know it is already being replaced, but there seems to be a real opensource support for these things, and that alone makes me feel more at ease if Nokia dumps it in the next year or two.

P.s. If anyone knows of some resources for this thing, that too is welcome and open for discussion in this thread.
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