synthetic heat sink testing


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What if?

What if I built a synthetic test fixture for techgage? I will not review, so what would be the specs? This would be for someone else to use.

I am not offended if it would not apply to techgage's interests. And, even if there is interest, is the resulting spec-ed device possible? Not challenging, just asking.
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Rob Williams

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I don't want to sound ungrateful for the help, but why exactly would we need someone to build us a platform when we already have one that we're pleased with?

You may still not agree with how we plan to take care of our testing, and that's unfortunate, but Techgage as a team has discussed our goals in this many times in the past and generally agree that sticking to a quality chassis with a good airflow scheme is the best way to go.

My opinion stands... things like tech stations and the like have almost no relevance to any of our readers at all, and for the most part, I don't even entirely agree with the ways most other sites out there test heatsinks. But I do like how we test hardware here, including heatsinks. We set out to give real-world performance results... results that people can relate to. If we remove the chassis, or do anything special outside of having a simple chassis with great airflow, then that's no longer real-world.