Survey Contest E-mail Clarification


Is nice to know I was not the only one not the brightest bauble in da bowl and if there were a Village Idiots Union, would be It's international president heheh. For the Monty Python fans here, thought it was time to dust off the old Twit headgear and uniform after Rob emailed me back on the matter.

So now it's all down to a matter of days, and the arrival of the last bit of hardware...too bad its not an option for the winner to assemble, well nah could in their excitement and zeal forget something like the thermal compund tween the HS and CPU...anyone recall TechTV Show with Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Chris Perillo, Kevin Rhodes? Thinking of the segment where Norton fried an egg on the cpu.

So any idea what the odds are? Sounds like got a healthy response to the survey, sad did not seem to help the forums much yet.