Super Talent PC2-6400 4GB Testing

Rob Williams

Staff member
I originally posted this over at XS, but this forum needs more overclocking talk.

I have been playing with 4GB configurations lately, and thought I would give the results of some of my Super Talent tests. The modules I am using are the T800UX2GC4, that are PC2-6400 speeds using 4-4-3-8 timings at 1.8v. They either use Micron Rev D (9KGX).

I've been playing with these all weekend, and am quite impressed with the results. The 4GB results keep extremely close to the 2GB results; I will show comparisons after the pictures.

Windows MemTest (4 * 1GB at 3-3-3-8 400MHz)

SANDRA Unbuffered, EVEREST Write and Sciencemark (4 * 1GB, 4-4-4-12, 400MHz)

SANDRA Unbuffered, EVEREST Read (4 * 1GB, 4-4-4-8, 445MHz)

SANDRA Unbuffered, EVEREST Read (4 * 1GB, 4-4-4-8, 467MHz)

Comparison shot: SANDRA Unbuffered, Sciencemark, EVEREST Latency, (2 * 1GB, 5-5-5-8, 540MHz)

2GB vs 4GB
400MHz 3-3-3-8 Sandra Unbuffered: 3615 vs 3554 (2GB is 1.7% faster)
400MHz 3-3-3-8 Everest Latency: 80.3 vs 81.7 (2GB is 1.7% faster)
467MHz 4-4-4-8 Sandra Unbuffered: 4729 vs 4655 (2GB is 1.6% faster)
467MHz 4-4-4-8 Everest Write: 3290 vs 3335 (4GB is 1.35% faster)
467MHz 4-4-4-8 Everest Latency: 67.5 vs 68.7 (2GB is 1.75% faster)
467MHz 4-4-4-8 PC Mark Mem Test: 5356 vs 5292 (2GB is 1.2% faster)

I hope someone finds this info useful. I am not really done my comparison tests yet, but it's nice to see that the 4 * 1GB overclocks just as well as 2 * 1GB. 280FSB and DDR2-933 speeds are always a sweetspot on my system, and it's nice to see 4655/4673 Sandra Unbuffered for a 4GB kit. I am not complaining :D