Storing a Terabyte of data on Abacus's i mean Abacii....


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I was looking for a Terabyte of online storage when I ran into this... not what i was looking for but their advertising department seems to know how to be funny.


I have been putting off upgrading to floppy disks for a long time!

Brett Thomas

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That's just awesome.

I want to store a TB on Abacii... But I don't think I could afford it looking at the costs. :(

At the very least, someone has an awesome sense of humor!

Rob Williams

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Haha, I love it when marketing departments have a good sense of humor.

$1 for 1TB though? How is a service like that possible? Hard drives are not quite that cheap.


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Compression, shared storage, de-duplication, etc. Just because someone has 1TB of data available, doesn't mean they'll use all of it (over-subscribe). That or it's just bogus, lol.


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Cute marketing gig. :)

Bandwidth is cheap, but not that cheap. And there's also the cost of electricity + maintaining infrastructure. Sounds like another one of those bait & switch storage runs, where after luring in customers they raise their rates. Customers either have to pay to get their data back, or just go along with it due to the hassle of moving it all again. From what I read it isn't uncommon...