Steam Updates in 2020


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I have seen the future - Steam is no longer a simple distribution service for games. It distributes your life! Behold, a taste of things to come - from a holographically projected virtual remake of a calssic '3D' game, digitally remastered!


Your ISP still caps you at 100GB though...


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Yesterday, Valve chose to release a 450 MB upload to Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Let me make that clear; 450 MB! Four hundred and 50 megabytes.

Why? really, why!? Half-Life 2, seriously?

Because steam updates are silent and automatic; because you should never, ever, open Steam and just go do something else on another program; because I was already on the limit of my monthly plan; because of all that I'm now speaking to you through a friend's internet connection until I manage to go and renew my plan next Tuesday.

Fuck this!