Sporadic CPU usage

Rob Williams

Staff member
I have never seen a CPU exhibit such random usage as mine did while running a certain benchmark:


Oddly, such sporadic behavior even caused my music to sound corrupted a little bit while listening to it. As soon as this particular test finished, it went back to normal.


Tech Monkey
Hmmm, 1) did you reboot your machine in the last 5 minutes?
2) when was the last time you visited a hentai site?
3) if the answers to the above are "no" & "never" ... yeh, right ... but anyway, you have malware put on your machine by your nearest competitor.

This is my after 5 PM diagnosis. To be reviewed tomorrow AM. :rolleyes:


Partition Master
Interesting. Ive seen similar when a Single thread app was running on my quad core because the thread scheduler moves it around. But for it to show up on HT cores the same way is a bit off.


No ROM battery
This is rob pulling a gotcha, folks. Don't believe him.

It's photoshopped from his own electroencephalograph as he tries to understand how this benchmark works. Notice the mental exertion.


Tech Monkey
Was the hentai crack ...er ... wise crack over the top? I think Rob is mad at me. :rolleyes:

Glad I didn't comment on the "Microsoft ... Adobe disc" thread. Although the day is drawing nigh on the 5 o'clock happy hour so it could still happen.:confused: