Splashtop on up to 1 Million ASUS Motherboards Per Month

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    From our front-page news:
    In case you happened to miss it yesterday, I posted a brief article taking a look at the latest iteration of DeviceVM's Splashtop, as seen on ASUS' upcoming P5Q Deluxe. Numerous sites posted about this yesterday, but not a single one posted much info in any real depth, nor a single screenshot. We did, and I recommend checking it out to learn more about this cool technology.

    The huge news was the fact that ASUS is heavily backing the technology, with a goal to include the embedded Linux environment on up to 1,000,000 motherboards a month. You read that right, one million. That means if you buy an ASUS motherboard in the months to come, chances are good it will come pre-installed with Splashtop.

    One thing that many tend to misunderstand is that Splashtop is not supposed to replace your primary OS. It can't even save to a regular hard drive, or even allow you much customization at all. What it is for is quick bouts for specific reasons. The quick boot time can help you get things done fast, and as we'll see in the months to come, it will certainly have a place in the notebook market. The best part is that you don't even need to know Linux to use it.

    I will be talking to both DeviceVM and ASUS about this and more at Computex, which occurs in a few weeks. So stay tuned.

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    Dubbed "Express Gate" by ASUS, Splashtop is a heavily-modified Linux environment that's built into a flash chip on a motherboard, allowing you quick access to its features. After pushing the power on your tower, you can be inside the environment in just under ten seconds, ready to take advantage of whatever applications are pre-installed.

    Source: ASUS Shows Faith in Splashtop

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