Spammer found dead


Tech Monkey
I guess he spammed the wrong person one to many times...........:D

1 less to worry about now that he's gone................:eek:

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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Well, first off, what was the point of digging up an almost three year old thread? Secondly, you guys are dicks for making light of a man getting his ass kicked TO DEATH. Spam sucks... it sucks bad but reading about a guy getting beaten to the point of dying, for any reason, really out weights the inconvenience of having to hit delete a couple of times in your inbox.
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Rob Williams

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Ouch... I agree that I dislike spammers, but laughing about their death (and especially the way this one was brutal) doesn't say much about ones personality.

I don't think the real reason for the death ever surfaced... and chances are it had nothing to do with spam at all. I sure know it made no difference to my inbox.

And I have to agree with Greg... please choose wisely in bumping old threads. This news isn't really relevant anymore, so it only manages to confuse people. When I first saw this, I thought another spammer was killed :)