SLi Overclocking


Tech Monkey
So far I've been quite lucky as to not have problems running SLi with my Expert board. Reading over the DFi forum led me to believe the Expert was prone to problems with SLi setups. Well now that I've got everything working fine, it's time to push the envelope.

Before, running one card, I was able to get close to 500/1200 without problems. I don't want to push the two cards that much, but I'd like to get 480/1150. Which, I don't think is too much to ask. This leads me to my question. What utility do I have to use to oc the cards in SLi mode?

I've been pouring over forums and questions, and I've come upon RivaTuner time and again. After installing, I was able to read and change the first card, but not the second. It recognized the card, but didn't read the core/mem speeds. Coolbits only allows for the changing of the primary card. It reads the first and second under the temp window, but nothing else.

Any help is very much appreciated!