Sledgehammers Garage Sale!

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I have a few items I am willing to part with. As my new laptop is on order I need cash:)
~Laptop Memory~

OCZ 1GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Notebook Memory "Opened But Brand New"- $68 Shipped

I bought this ram for a customer who decided at the last minute he didn't want the upgrade... I am using 2 of the same chips and can vouch that they kick Butt!

Linksys Wireless-B PCI Adapter - $10.00 + shipping

BFME2 CE Unopened - $27.00 shipped
Oblivion SE - PC DVD with Prima Strat Guide - $50.00 shipped

Please PM me with Shipping address for the desired items and I will give you the cost to ship

I take Paypal, Money orders, and Cashier Checks... I have heat under sledgehammer70 and also Ebay feedback of 100% under sledgehammer70

Sold Items:

Antec: Neo Power 2.0 480W
Crucial 3 x 512 DDR400 PC3200 memory "Its the value stuff"
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 1GHz HT Socket 939 Processor Model
BFG 5700 Ultra 128MB AGP graphics card - $48.00
Dell Ultra Sharp 19" LCD Monitor "No Dead Pixels" with Sound Bar $300.00
eVGA - 7800GT 256 "eVGA original box included" $269.00 +shipping
3D Connenexion Motion Controller: Spaceball
Maxtor - 250GB IDE MaxLine II IDE $50.00 + $5.00 shipping
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Socket 939 Toledo core 2 x 1Mb L2 Cache Processor
XFX - 7800GTX 256 - Box included with software cables etc.
Antec - NEOPOWER 480 ATX12V v2.0 480W Power Supply
3D Connenexion Motion Controller: Space Mouse Plus
Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter - $28.00 + shipping
Corsair XMS - 5 x 512 Dual Channel DDR 400 PC3200 $44.00
AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego Core Socket 939 Processor In original box with warreny and HSF $240.00 shipped
EVGA 7800GS 256MB "OEM" no box, no manuals Non DOA..

Make sure to Bump if you like what you see!!!!!:)
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Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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I could use one of the sticks of Crucial RAM you have. My mom's Dell is sloooowly chugging along with 256. 512 will certainly be better. I will PM you my information.


Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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Might have someone interested in the 4000+. I know that does you no good now but I will PM you when I hear an answer from there one way or another. Worst case senario is that this is a free bump!
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