Sledgehammer70's New Gargae Sale!

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I have a few items I am willing to part with. As my new laptop is on order I need cash :)
~Laptop Memory~

OCZ 1GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Notebook Memory "Brand New"- $68 Shipped Fastest DDR2 533Mhz Ram on the market for Laptops.
~Speakers/ Headphones~

Logitech Logitech® Z-5500 Digital "brand new in box" - $200.00 + shipping "local Pickup preffered"

Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset "brand new in box" - $29.00 shipped
~Graphic Cards

eVGA 7800GTX ~ With Original Box and cables - $245.00 shipped - pending

Logitech G7
"New Style" Gaming Mouse" ~Brand New~ $45.00 shipped

Oblivion SE - PC DVD with Prima Strat Guide - $45.00 shipped
~Looking for the following Items!~

XBox 360 "Best package"
AMD Athlon 64 FX 51 or 53 "Sledgehammer core" Mobo Also!
7950 GX2 Graphic Card

Please PM me with Shipping address for the desired items and I will give you the cost to ship :)

I take Paypal, Money orders, and Cashier Checks... I have heat under sledgehammer70
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You're killin' me man...I'd love to have either of those cards.

BTW, it's spelled Garage ;)
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