Shit Android Users Say

Discussion in 'Mobile & Small Form-Factor Computing' started by Rob Williams, Oct 25, 2012.

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  2. RainMotorsports

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    Jul 1, 2011
    I was hoping to see something good because I can't think of anything an Android user has to say to anyone :p Video was kinda lame though I guess a couple things were valid enough.

    XDA developers is a fun place to find shit Android junkies might say. Even one particular phone will be uber crazy about something. My phone has modem firmware just about every single leaked build and we get 90% of the leaks so theres like 70 different modems (Officially Only 3 Gingerbread era, 3 ICS era so far) but the common question there is "OMGz what modem is better". Answer is none.

    I still think Steve could of made a killing off a 7 inch iPhone he would have made an extra couple Billion a quarter selling a clothing line to go with it. Bring Cargo pants back and I want like a pocket on the back of my shirt.
  3. Tharic-Nar

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    Nov 25, 2009
    My Phone is over 5 years old. It makes calls and can send texts. Internet access is limited to emails, no 3G or 4G. It has no widgets, gadgets, apps, it can't play movies, it can barely handle MP3s. Yet it can do something that nearly all modern mobiles can't... Stay switched on for over a week without recharging. I love progress...
  4. DarkStarr

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    Apr 9, 2010
    XDA is AWESOME. My phone just got someone devving a new kenel all the other kernel devs quit (we only had one for AOSP roms) so we used the Skyrocket kernel, then he quit dev because he moved to a new phone. As for Modems that's gotta be like THE most asked question. Its the same for the Hercules which only has a handful of modems but IIRC I am either on the note one or stock, I don't remember.

    May want to watch out on the back of the shirt pocket, makes for easy stealing :D

    Good point..... but my phone can go almost 24 hrs between charges which is quite an achievement for smartphones. (That's under normal usage) I would rather have the 4G however since that is my only source of internet right now.

    832 MB / Unlimited
    Up to 9765.6 GB full-speed data

    Lol, unlimited 4G FTW.
    Not bad for all wireless. Yesterday the ping was only 90, a bit high but not horrible.
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  5. RainMotorsports

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    Jul 1, 2011

    Yeah but I don't make phone calls and i rarely text. I went from lugging around a Palm T5 with a keyboard to a Galaxy S2. I have to urge to beat down anyone who wants to get in your face about being on your phone.

    Like seriously do I need to go get a 4.3 inch Archos to carry around so that I can literally call you Ignorant for thinking its a phone lol. Handheld GPS usage is still legal where I am at I believe and I often have my phone on google maps in my left hand against the door clearly visible in the window. You get people yelling at you for talking on the phone while driving. Yeah sure one handed driving isn't exactly safe but tell that to a one armed man :p But I now do it on purpose since I work in a an area I can only describe as white trash and having people with nothing to do but yell at people from their front porch about anything and everything.

    I am always tempted to delete the phone apk and throw the phone at my boss and say, well then make a phone call pick a place China I don't care just make a phone call with it. Won't yell at someone with an iPod but you screw with me.

    My Samsung A930 is oh 5 years old now? Extended battery in it was still holding a weeks standby when I had to use it a year ago. My phone before my GS2 was a total turd, and when I lost it and got another of the same phone it too had so much wrong with it.

    50 hours of light usage is the best I have ever had out my phone. But I like 100% brightness and usually get 8 to 12 hours of moderate usage out of it. My personal feeling is if a phone can stand 16 hours of heavy usage (See the 3000 mah+ batteried phones) unless you don't go home once a day its not an issue for 99%. But not too many phones out of the box yet with decent battery capacity for their type. 11 to 16 hours of screen on time and 5 days or more of stand by will be enough and say the RAZR MAXX isn't that big so maybe the other manufacturers can pay attention.
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