Seeded 1,000 copies of Ubuntu 11.04

Rob Williams

Staff member
Remember Ubuntu 11.04? We took a look at it just about six months ago. Around that time, I got in the habit of throwing the Linux distros I test out on my VPS to help seed them, and more often than not, I end up seeding a lot.

In the case of Ubuntu 11.04, the server has managed to see over 1,000 full copies, for a current traffic total of 732GB. Months ago, when I saw the seed total at 333, I had wondered if it'd be possible to hit 1,000 before Ubuntu 11.10 drops, and I guess this is the answer. It's a good thing - 11.10 is due out next week ;-)

Let's see if I can manage the same thing with that version.



No ROM battery
Close to 2 terabytes of linux uploading. I hope you don't bring that to your next corporate meeting. :p