Sapphire Demo PC '06

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That... my main man, is Sheldog! Master of the Martini mod, bender of the UT Juggernaut mod, and artist of the Must Kill Teddy Bears mod. I have the greatest honor to know this guy... he is extraordinarily humble. He honestly has a gift, and he is wields it like it is nothing.

Truly a wonderful guy...

He is a member of the Austin Modders (of which I am affiliated with as well),
and I actually got to help him work on this just a little bit! (I actually did not do much but drool on it and then clean it... called it a "spit shine"... he just laughed!) Others in the AM group did much more.

One set of guys worked on keyboards, Mickey actually sleeved the entire PSU in a few hours while Shel worked on the innards of the computer. Really good team effort!

Based out of Central Texas, we organize, meet, and exchange ideas on how to do things to electronics. Mostly computers, and computer mods... but the occasional car ends up under someones knife eventually! ;)

I can't speak highly enough if the group as a whole! And Sheldog is a huge reason behind our success.

Here is his worklog...
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