Rumour: Sony enabling region locking for PS3...


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Still mark this as rumour for the time being, but if true, this is yet another shot in the foot for Sony. Originally reported here and translated here.

Implement region locking on what was supposedly region free gaming, why? To stop people from downloading a US game and playing on a EU console with a hack? - Won't hackers just implement a region override with the hack?

It just defies comprehension. Meet the new Sony people... feature deprecation.

Maybe I'm just reading into this too much, oh well.


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Haahahaha ouch Sony pwns itself again if so. Ps3s are soon going to be a expensive DVD, oh sorry Blu Ray player with no access to anything, cant be a game console since it wont have internet after firmware 4.8 and after 5.1 (I am kidding but they do love taking features away) no gaming at all XDD they just like locking it down don't they? Oh and hackers, the people who its really supposed to stop, will guess what? make a hack to prevent the problem so in the end it bites legit users not the pirates hackers or what have you.


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yeah for once Microsoft is actually doing something better than Sony....GOOD GOD JESUS IS COMING BACK!!!! lol.

But seriously, Sony's taking all these "precautions" to "prevent" or "stop" hackers, but in reality they're just setting up a challenge for the hackers and taking the fun out of it for the legit users. Way to go, morons.


I totally agree. I don't have a playstation, but I understand the pain. These companies just don't get it. You have people who might have a degree in programming doing your security software. Ok great, these people who hack it are obvisouly equal or more, or just have more time to sink into learning how. If you want security of an almost 99.99% unbreakable level, you're going to have to go to government levels, and that ain't happening.


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They are losing out on a market to import games from jap to the US in many cases. There is quite the market for importing games to the US that Sony and other devs never plan on releasing in the US.