Rumored: Google to Announce Android 4.2 & Nexus 10 Next Week

Rob Williams

Staff member
Much of the Android world may not even be upgraded to Jelly Bean yet - or in some cases, Ice Cream Sandwich - but it's rumored that Android 4.2 will be making an appearance at a Google-hosted event next Monday. The codename "Key Lime Pie" has been making the rounds, although it's uncertain whether or not that's actually what Google is calling it.


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No ROM battery
Why not just Key Lime, or Lime Pie, or Key Pie, or Pie Key?
Like with renowned assassins, technology codenames should only have first and last name.

Android devices are extremely popular here in Africa. The ration between Android and everything else is huge. Also counterfeit hardware (mostly coming from China and Middle East) is more popular than hip hop, so Android is pretty much everywhere. You can bet I'll be seeing 4.2 here very soon after being launched.