Reviews on Hi-Fi 3D Technology Motherboard?


hey guys im just new here and wanted to hear your knowledge anything about this type of
Hi-Fi Motherboard. My current system is Intel® Core™ i5 LGA 1155 Processor with AMD A55 Chipset, which my Motherboard is abotu to be dead soon thats why im collecting some ideas about whats new in demand boards...

I wanna be specific if you guys hear something about "TZ68K Biostar?"
My budget will be 260$, let me know your wise advice thanks.;)


For 1155 there are tons of options. Anyway i think you messed up with the A55 which does not fit on intel.

If you wanna go for a well known brand than just pick any ASUS that suits your price. You will be fine with that.

Regarding your mentioned board, i dont have specific experience. Reputation about biostar is very mixed. Some like them and some hate them. For me, i am neutral and i didnt hear anything bad so far. So if you like it i dont see any reason not to get it :)

Rob Williams

Staff member
Alright, I get it... we need to take a look at a BIOSTAR board soon (I plan on it, after I get out of this pile) ;-)

To be perfectly honest, if I were to build a personal PC right now, I'd lean towards ASUS. All the big companies have great offerings, but ASUS' featuresets tend to grab me by the throat (especially thanks to the Ai Suite software which gives unbelievable control over the motherboard).


Hello Rob Williams, i just wanna ask, if there is any news for the review of the biostar motherboard? I would love to read it as the features are quite outstanding compared to all the expensive overclocking premium products around.