Recommend Me A Headset - Sub $40 Bucks


Hey guys, just like the title says im here for your opinion. Im interested in a mono Bluetooth headset for gaming,skyping and internet debauchery for under 40 to 50 bucks. I have found this NoiseHush N700m for under 40 bucks with a coupon code, but i feel like their are better options that i have over looked...any words of wisdom?

Rob Williams

Staff member
Good headsets like these seem to be super-hard to come by without opening the wallet wide. I know that the headsets used in call centers and the like can sometimes range in the hundreds of dollars, but they are meant to last for as long as possible.

This is an area I am very unfamiliar with also, so I'd recommend hitting up Newegg and look at all of the models there, and read the user reviews. Those can help a LOT.


I dont know if you could get a good one for gaming chatting etc on that price but maybe browse from Apple earphones then or skull candy.. or else pricey but good high-end sound will be sennheiser, Hi-fi Biostar headphones..etc..