Razer Mako

I couldnt wait any more; bought an audioengine 5 for now atleast :) Though I seriously doubt Mako could beat them. I have to say I am not at all happy the way Razer mishandled the publicity of Mako, not really expected from razer. I guess they are too busy making mouses. Anyone care to comment on the Audioengine 5 :)

Rory Buszka

Partition Master
I'm glad to hear you decided to go with the Audioengine monitors - they're definitely making some waves in the high-end PC sound market, and they're more of a known quantity, with plenty of quality reviews floating around out there. I agree - Razer has definitely handled Mako badly. Almost a year after they were first shown at CES 2007, we've still seen neither hide nor hair of a shipping product. The latest photos of the product show that some of the 'eye candy' has been lost - I hope this won't be another case where Razer's compulsive drive to skimp out on materials results in a product that doesn't come close to living up to its hype, or at least feels decidedly cheap. However, perhaps the fact that they chose to eliminate eye candy should be a heartening sign that they may have their priorities straight this time.

Razer's track record in audio is, frankly, not the best - though the Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card performed well in our testing, being based on a proven audio chipset and reference design, I found their companion Barracuda HP-1 headphones were only good at vibrating my head, and having channels of the in-line amplifier die randomly, rendering the whole headset useless and necessitating replacement. There are significantly more areas to "cheap out" in the design of headphones and speakers than there are in sound cards.
Whoever gets to review these speakers, I would really appreciate if you can compare them with the Audioengine's 5 as I think they are virtually the benchmark for quality computer speakers with a similar price tag.
any1 heard the mako at ces 2008? Anyways would love a comparison with the Audioengine 5 but my two cents would be on the engines though. they are beautiful.

Rob Williams

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The Makos have just been received by the US branch and should be available to retailers really soon. Hopefully we can get a review sample within the next two weeks.
there are some reviews on the net and they more or less say the same things, good speakers but remote doesnt function properly. If you really wat good sound from your pc get an audioengine 5. You wont regret it. Mako's might bebetter for some movies though.