Razer Barracuda AC-1 $49.99!


I love woot.com.... It is a major financial drain on my bank account.
Some of their product descriptions are great.


Tech Monkey
That is a VERY nice price for a pretty good sound card. If you are still using Creative garbage, this is a great way to repent.


Tech Monkey
I actually scored on this card. Bought 3! One for me, and 2 that I will sell! Get the whole kit and kaboodle paid off and then some on my credit card *and* end up with a sound card that is NOT a Creative card!

Rob Williams

Staff member
Haha. This IS a great card. If I wasn't so gung-ho on the Xonar, I would have picked up one for the other PC. But $50... you cannot go wrong, that's for sure. Plus, this is based on a C-Media chipset, so it would work in Linux, woot.