Quick Vid Card Compatibility Question.


Hello Forum Members,

How Goes Things? My mother has an older computer it's a compaq pentium III

1 Ghz Processor running WinXP SP2 and I believe 512 mb RAM. She currently

has a Geforce 5200 in her machine but the fan on the card is broken. MY PC

died the other day (Motherboard):( Anyway my card is still good it is and ATI

Radeon X1600 and I was wondering if her machine could handle that vid card.

I'd hate to see the card go to waste. It's not THAT old. I also have a

sounderblaster 24 bit live sound card but I think her pc will handle that. Just

wanted to know about the vid card before I go switching them out. Thanks in advance.



Tech Monkey
Her PC is probably AGP based for the video card. As long as your X1600 is AGP then it should work fine.


Thanks for the speedy reply. It is AGP based so your probably right. I just wasn't sure if her processor speed was fast enough to handle it but I guess I'll give it a go thanks again for the help.