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Jen McPherson

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Ok, I will be playing this game for sure. Did the final beta event and it was a blast. The PvP was awesom, so much fun. Many of the people were really great about it, while you had those few poor sports who gave up when the going got tough.

One time all my group members left me, so I was all alone in battle. Lets just say my backside still hurts, but I laughed it off with the opposing team, who took my kamakazee and fun antics to heart. One against eight? I can do that! XD. Even though the game will have some lame players (it is expected, every game has its trash heap ;) ) it was a great deal of fun, and it seems that there is hope in the gaming world after all.

So, if any of you plan to play look me up sometime. I'll be on Astral Deva most likely, who will be a Monk/Ranger or Monk/Elementalist, but will list my other alts when the game is up. Hope to see some of you there! :D

Rob Williams

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Yeah, I've been looking forward to this one forever. Now, if I find time to play it, we will hook up! You will have to let me know what server you will be on.


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I picked up my pre-order today, installed, created account, etc. I tried to create my character but it asked me for another cd key. (?) I checked online and it said that pre-ordered people had an exclusive day or whatever while the rest of retail had to wait until the 28th. Unfortunately for me, the place where I work doesn't sell PC games unless it is pre-ordered, and I heard that you get some sort of special promo when you pre-order the game. But the people I work with are pretty much the Amish at a tech show when it comes to PC gaming.

Hopefully that second cd key or whatever is only temporary until the 28th.
If not, I'm going to beat some people up.

Ok just played it today. Made a RP char and a PVP char. So far I'm enjoying the PVP a lot more than the RP. The RP is somewhat disappointing, but the PVP is actually fun. Usually I hate pvp, but this is actually fun instead of annoying.
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Ill look into the game after i return from seclusion...

Please tell me they found a way to balance the warrior/monk in pvp...