P5W64 Vcore options disappearing from BIOS, help!


Partition Master
I noticed my CPU temp at idle was much higher than usual, so I checked the voltage, and for some unknown reason it had gone up almost 0.1v all by itself! When I go into my BIOS all the CPU voltages under 1.425v had disappeared. I can't set it lower than 1.425v! My mobo overvolts about .05v, so settings it to 1.425 means setting it to 1.475v, which I find a little too high to keep 24/7. I had to load my BIOS default settings and leave my CPU Vcore to AUTO, otherwise it would be too high for comfort.

I was using BIOS 0022 when this happened. I cleared the BIOS and updated it twice since then (first to 0402 and then to 0701), but the problem is still there. For some unknown reason all the Vcore voltages under 1.425v disappeared.

I think the problem might be at hardware level. I'll try to contact Asus and see if I can get them to send me a new BIOS chip. RMA is out of the question because I bought the board from a mod here and the NB heatsink was modified.

Any suggestion? This is a really weird problem to me, I've never seen it happen before, I could really some help. Thanks.

Rob Williams

Staff member
Definitely sounds like a corrupt BIOS chip. Maybe you are lucky it's working at all, hehe. Seriously, that sucks. Hopefully ASUS will be able to send you a new one. I can't see why they wouldn't.