Overclocking Help (help please)

Hey guys I am haveing probloms OC'ing my 8800gts512 to clock speeds in the 800/1100 area. I have done alot of reading on multiple forums and many posters state that they have reached these clock speeds and have kept there system running stable. Well for me whenever I try to get a core speed of 800 and play a game such as crysis, the game will crash 3 minutes in. can not all the 8800gts's gain that speed? Or is there a place in the BIOs where I can edit the voltage control of the gpu so I can oc more? I'm not a OC expert but I do have knowledge of programs such as rivatuner2.06 and Ntune

Thanks for all of those that help with positive feedback:D

btw I have a fan speed of 75% while gameing and when I do try to OC to that level it stays at 56C so its not heat thats the problom.


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All parts are under the rule that YMMV (your mileage may vary) so just because one person (or twenty) get X result with their hardware doesn't automatically mean that you'll be able to do the same. They might have been fortunate enough to get parts that scale high or you might have been misfortunate enough to get a part that doesn't scale well, it's a tough call.

That said, I'd try bumping the core down until you find a setting where it won't crash and then work on the ram clocks.
I figured that this was the case but I wanted to get somone elses opinion thanks alot. I already have my ram and cpu OC'ed by the way:D Anyways thanks again on the reply, I'll just stick to the clock speeds I have now.