Overclocking and Data Corruption?


This is something I am not quite clear on. If I got it right the problem is due to pci and maybe the agp buss speeds increasing with the fsb overclock on the memory if they are lockable this fixes the issue?

Have computer upgrades in process for my sons. Not thinking of overclocking the older's as he does not game, uses his for pretty much a digital media center, internet, email and chat, so his upgrade is a AMD 4000+, Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939, 1GB 512x2 Patriot Signature Series PC3200, Evga 7800 GS CO (actually won this gpu, swapped out my 5950 Ultra with it, for a bit then shipped it down to em) and replacing his Chaintech 7.1 card with an Audigy 2zs (though will probaly give hm the Xonar if win the contest and use the Audigy myself). He has a barton 2800+, Gigabyte 7VAXE i believe it is, a gig of pc2700, evga 6200 at present.

His upgrades aside form the MB and Soundcard, will come from the younger lad's comp, as he has usually gotten the more uber stuff since he is into RPG's on the comp, and uses as a home recording studio, composing rig with notation software, guitar pro etc....

As he uses for his music, band etc., the issue of data corruption if I overclock his computer worries me. He is into such as the Elder Scrolls series, NWN 1 and 2, and as seen from the charts: http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2747&p=3 (dated on the cpu's but erefect for what I have swung for him and Oblivion is his primary game, been watching, saving and buying this and that for em for a couple years when on sale, just wished had gottem him an FX60, when they could be had but the best I could afford then was the 4400+)

Pretty sure his board an Epox 9NDA3+ has the desired pci/agp bus locks? The rest of it, AMD 4400+, 2 GB of Mushkin Blue Pc3200 1024x2, HIS IceQ3 Turbo X1950Pro 512mb (best AGP card for Oblivion when I had saved enough coin to spring for one) and reusing his Creative Audigy 2zs Platinumn.

Also toying with attempting this: http://lifehacker.com/374376/trim-down-windows-to-the-bare-essentials have not been able to swing em yet, but am getting him a HD rack and extra tray..one HD geared for gaming internet useage, the other for his music, no interent he likes this idea as he siad would suck losing hours days, weeks, months of work due to a random virus or something.

The hope is to get his 4400+, epox 9nda3+, mushkin 2gb running between 2.4-2.6GHz for the Gaming end, but am concerned with the music drive inserted about data corruption.

Have not been able to verify ntune works with his board, I think his board has a OC'ing app, these may be an option rather than the bios, since am not up on the whole OC'ing thing hoping for some advice as to how best approach his dual purpose rig, and how to avoid the risk of data corruption?

As I understand things is better to OC via the bios rather than by software (assuming the board supports it) if his does one thing I was thinking is just OC via the bios, and maybe use a software OC utility/app on the Dedicated Music Stuff HD, to set things at stock by default when he is using that drive in the rack?


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Overclocking via the BIOS is definitely best, so really you wouldn't have to mess with finding a software overclocking utility at all.

That motherboard has plenty of reviews out there, they seem to like the overclocking potential with it http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1682&page=10

As far as data corruption goes, the biggest reason that arises when overclocking changes the PCI bus frequency from 33MHz... most boards have a PCI lock that keeps the PCI bus at 33MHz now when overclocking, but it doesn't hurt to check with older boards. Epox might require you to manually lock the PCI bus from within the BIOS. They may not give you the option but have it locked already... a little overclocking while monitoring the PCI bus frequency with a software monitor would tell ya pretty quick.

The only other thing that could cause data corruption in that case might be an unstable CPU, but a lengthy stability test of the final overclock takes care of that in my opinion.


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I don't really like Ntune, some may like it,
But I perfer to use the Bios to tweak when available.
Some mobo's don't let you to tweak too much and Ntune may fill the void.

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