Oh I am in trouble now!


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You know I am in trouble when the first thing I run after logging in post install is sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. Now I didn't actually type that exacting command since I was looking for a limited install but you get the picture.


I was already looking to get back to learning. But a situation with a provider has me looking to move a website for a gaming community I am in elsewhere. Rather than move it to one of their windows servers or even one of my servers I decided to look into seeing what we could do with a Linux VPS.

Its actually from the same company, which we get our windows and game servers from. The main limitation at this price point is the single thread and 1gb of ram. But I think we can do it. Its actually the single thread that bothers me. There of course a ton of other options but I think this is one worth exploring for certain reasons.
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