OCZ's First DIY Notebook Out Soon, Other Models En Route

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
Last month, OCZ announced a brand-new product out of nowhere... a do-it-yourself notebook. As expected, they had just that product on display in their suite at Computex and from what I've seen, it's definitely on the right path.

The initial model, which will launch very shortly, it's built with mainstream users in mind. It's not for hardcore gamers, and likewise not for those who want a very mild notebook. It's for those who want a good notebook that sits right in the middle of the spectrum, and also want the ability to easily upgrade the CPU, RAM and hard drive.

In my post last month, I questioned why the GPU couldn't be swapped out... and I pretty much just answered that question. This notebook is mid-range, so it includes a GPU that doesn't suck, nor rocks. It's right there in the middle, comfortably.

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OCZ Technology's DIY 15.4" Notebook</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>
So it would make sense that other models are en route, and that's just the case. When I tried to take pictures of them, I was brutally beat away with a few Fatal1ty-branded modules, so I backed off. However, I can say that the upcoming models will definitely appeal to a wider range of people and allow the flexibility that enthusiasts are after.

For those worried about the complications of choosing the correct components for a DIY notebook, OCZ mentioned that they'd be releasing compatibility lists that would help you in your journey, and no, they will not only feature OCZ, but many other manufacturers as well.