OCZ Vertex 4s on sale for less than $1 per GB


Tech Monkey
meh..... I'm not sure I would take an OCZ SSD..... Hows the reliability on the Vertex 4s? I know on previous models lots of people had issues with premature dying with ocz drives.

Rob Williams

Staff member
No word on issues so far! The previous SSDs had issues due to their controllers, but the V4s use different ones. One of the reasons OCZ is likely pushing these so hard is to get more people to purchase them in spite of previous issues, because the same thing won't happen here (*crosses fingers*).

Big Red Machine

Hellfire and Brimstone
Staff member
I'd pick one up, but unfortunately I've already got a 128GB Samsung 830 waiting for the rest of the build to come together.

It's a GREAT price, though.

Thanks for sharing! :)