OCZ Unveils Indilinx Everest 2 Powered Vertex 4 SSD


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It has been a few years but Indilinx is back! Since their splash into the consumer markets in 2008, SSDs have characteristically been doubling in performance with each successive launch of some controller on a roughly annual basis. Yet more recently, SandForce has managed to recapture and hold onto the performance crown. If a consumer wanted the fastest drive around it was simply a matter of picking what flavor and brand of SandForce one felt the most secure about safeguarding their data.


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Might be for the better... 60GB drives have a lower endurance just because there isn't as much capacity to spread writes across, and also nor as much reserved spare area for writes / cleanup. Also performance really takes a hit at those capacities too.

Can't wait to see 120GB SSDs reach 60GB prices, it'll happen within a year. Saw the Crucial M4 128GB selling for $130 just the other day..