OCZ Releases Compact Vanquisher CPU Cooler

Rob Williams

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From our news:
OCZ has once again updated their CPU-cooling line-up with the release of the Vanquisher, a model similar in design to their Vindicator, but much smaller overall. The cooler is equipped with a total of six heatpipes, three that run up along each side of the fins. Also included is a modest 92mm fan rated for 800-2000RPM speeds, with a great looking green OCZ logo. Overall the cooler looks sharp, but I can't help but shrug at the fact that it uses the same board-mounting mechanisms as the stock Intel coolers do. Those are a pain to deal with, literally.

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The OCZ Vanquisher aggressively cools your CPU thanks to a pure copper base plate and three copper heat pipes that rapidly transfer heat away from the processor up to the dense, aluminum fin array where the thermal load is quickly dissipated by the included 92mm fan. The efficient heatpipe design moves so much heat that the fin array is able to transfer up to 200 Watts. The Vanquisher also utilizes a unique low speed fan mounted with rubber connectors to effectively decrease vibration and noise, ensuring minimal distractions at your workstation.

Source: OCZ Press Release


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Hmmm... kind of looks suspiciously similar to the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. I guess OCZ lives by the same creed as Nokia. :D

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

Rory Buszka

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In my experience, the plastic heatpipe caps fall off. However, if you're handy with a vial of Krazy Glue, you won't have any trouble with that. Still, the ends on the Vanquisher's heatpipes look significantly cleaner and neater than the ends of the Freezer 7's cooler. The base of the Vanquisher isn't lapped, and shows machining marks, so that may be why it didn't smash any performance records in my testing. The ZEROTherm Nirvana NV120, on the other hand, is a different story - cooling my 65W CPU within a degree (or so) of room temperature. Look for that review "darn soon."


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Yeah, the ends on the vanquisher are much better finished. It's sitting in my test rig right now and I took the plastic covers of cause they kept falling off anyway. Essentially, the copper under the pipe looks exactly like the plastic cap. OCZ did a good job with the finishing on it.


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I have come to the realization that proc speed without over clocking is becoming increasingly less of an important thing. Instead of breaking to higher and higher stable stock clocks companies are adding cores. Computer enthusiasts however are over clocking to higher and higher speeds and simply finding innovative ways to keep their rigs cool. I think the people who use dry ice are insane, and cool.

In the case of these coolers though... Aren't they becoming a lil too large? And if your answer is no, where do you draw the line? A Hampton Bay fan attached to your computer case over a GMC grill?

Regardless... I call upon my friend for cooling,

I find using him a lil less absurd.