OCing my Q6600


Gigabyte P35-DS3L
2gb OCZ-DDR2-800
Q6600 G0
Too lazy to type the rest.

Yesterday I was running an unstable OC of 400x8 for a while, idle temps ~36, load temps ~55-60.

After a minute or two of prime95 it'd crash.

Before I went to bed, I thought I might try 356x9, booted fine, temps are 34/30/28/31 at idle, and while running everest for 8 hours the temps were at 59/58/57/58 with no errors(that I could find) or crashes.

However, the second I ran prime95 it crashed. What the hell? Prime95 is version 25.3

**** you prime95, I'm liking 356x9.

Core Voltage is 1.38


Rob Williams

Staff member
Increase the voltage a tad and see if that helps. Don't keep all voltages at auto... learn how high the voltages should be. I wouldn't go much higher than 1.4250v on air, but you might want to just to see how far the temps rise.

You might also want to increase the northbridge voltage, because as the CPU frequency goes up, the stress on the northbridge goes up as well (even if a smaller FSB rating is kept). I am not familiar with that motherboard, but is there a health section that will tell you all of the settings that the voltages are currently at? I know the ASUS Maximus Formula does that... like in this picture:


If there is a section like that in your BIOS, it would at least tell you what the "Auto" setting is keeping everything at. Then you could manually increase things from there.