OC'd 4850

Krazy K

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When I turned my rig on the other night after I put in my Thermalright ultra 120 I saw my HD2400 emit a puff of smoke and the monitor never came out of standy-by. Worst Buy, much to my amazement had a 4850 and I just threw that in. It came with a core clock and memory clock of 500 and 750. I ran the auto-tune and it figured I needed to run the card at 690 and 1131.

I ran FreeStone's Video Card Stability Test built in bench mark and I saw my score go from 43 with the 2400 to 315 before OC and 360 after OC. I'll get some more score from lightsmark and post them too.

It seems that this card can really stretch it's legs out and while most people complain of the hot core, I haven't seen 90* under full load yet.
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