NZXT Releases 'Sentry Mesh' Fan Controller


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I'm starting to wonder if the designers at NZXT are reading my mind, because with the launch of the company's "Sentry Mesh", another one of my ideas has come to fruition. I've often thought that with meshed fronts on many chassis today, a fan controller with a brushed aluminum finish kind of stands out. Well, for those who enjoy some level of congruency with their meshed tower (let's pretend that ODDs don't exist for a moment), NZXT's latest looks to be a potential winner.


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My sentry mesh arrived today! I took some pictures.

The case with the Sentry installed along with my cup holder and cigarette lighter lol.

The only thing I noticed so far is that the common power source might not be so clean when most of the fans are dialed down. I can dial down one led fan and it be all fine and dim but if other fans are dialed down i get a flicker on that led fan.