Nvidia's 8800GT Released


So the 8800GT released the other day, and.. well, most if not all benches speak for themselves.

The general margin seems to be 85% of the GTX's performance. SKYMTL's review of the 8800GT Superclocked from EVGA

Not only is the card a hundred dollars less than the 8800GTS-320, it beats the hell out of it in games, and beats the 8800GTS-640 by a fair margin as well (when resolution and texture size apply).

If I didn't already own an 8800GTX, I'd be ordering one of EVGA's overclocked versions now. The sad thing is, the only thing 8800GTX owners have to look forward to is tri-sli, and most of us blew all our cash on the single card :p. Eh well, I'll still be getting that Q6600 around boxing day.

EVGA 8800GT Superlocked at NCIX - 269.99(Check the sale as well, might be on already)

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Are you the same Naish from New Brunswick?

I agree, the 8800GT is an incredible looking card. I love the 8800GTX, but pair two of the 8800GT's together and you have something that surpasses its performance and costs less. Definitely a win/win. If I have time I'll pick to up next week and give them a run. Crysis struggles at 2560x1600, High detail, so maybe dual 8800GT's is the answer.


Yes I am the same Naish you're thinking of DS :). Check your PM or contact me on aim sometime.

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I'm looking into getting one of these for my rig, but I am going to hold off at least until the new AMD/ATi cards are released to see just how well they will do.........;) It will also give the market a bit of time to settle down a little as most if not all E-Tailers are currently over charging for the things.


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Er - One thing that I've seen from several reviews is that in DX10 games at higher resolutions, the GTX still managed to either beat or come extremely close to GTs in SLI.

I think I'll sit on my GTX until the 1TF card hits the market.


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Just got an EVGA 8800Gt today and installing tonight.
Micro Center had it at the same price as newegg.
So I probably saved the shipping cost.
I would like to do a benchmark with the 8600 and then install the 8800GT

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I got one the day before Thanksgiving ($250 @ Best Buy), BFG 8800GT OC, it sure beats the heck out of my old 7900GT...........;)

The thing runs 3D Mark 06 up around 14,000 with everything OC'd a bit.

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Looks great....
I'm running Crysis on High, and physics on Very High.
This game is more incredeble than I realized.
I find myself throwing hand gernaded into the trees to see them sway from the percusion. And underwater swimming you see the light streaming.

I'm going to have to take my machine over to my buddies house, he is running Crysis on an AGP card ( 2yr ago build )

Merlin the Coastermaker