NVIDIA Unveils its Ultra High-End GeForce GTX 690

Rob Williams

Staff member
Last week, we posted about a teaser shot that NVIDIA put on its GeForce Facebook fan page with just enough detail to get the speculation train moving. One of the most popular guesses was that it was the upcoming dual-GPU GTX 690, and sure enough, that was right on the money. Due for release later this week, the GTX 690 is far from standard fare, and looks the part of "ultra high-end".


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Million dollar question is "What for, if it's not going to be available for sale, just like the 590 hardly ever is?"

I confess, I'm not the biggest fan of NVIDIA strategy for its high-end cards. It seems just a way to stay ahead on the performance war, but one that never materializes into an actual marketable product. It's annoying.