Now I Have Router trouble!!!


Hello all, My father has a linksys router and wireless usb adapter. The basic

problem is when we hook everything up via the linksys instructions the

computer with the wireless adapter can connect to the internet but the

main computer where the router and the modem are hooked up to can't

connect. however if He hooks the modem directly to the main computer it

will connect to the internet,but then the wireless adapter computer can't

connect. We can't seem to get both of them connected at the same time

like we had before.recently we had to buy a new modem but I don't think

that is the problem I've updated driver and firmwares but that didn't help if

there are any suggestions I would apreciated it.

Rob Williams

Staff member
-Maybe- you just need to reset the router, and start fresh? If you can access the router admin, there should be an option for resetting to factory defaults. Then you could see if some setting was just screwed up.