Nintendo Wii


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This is very much a rediculous name.. I mean seriously, if you've got to explain and tell potential customers how to pronounce your product. Then it might be a good idea to change the name.

I think this rightfully explains how most feel. Although it'll be officially the Wii, I'm going to still call it the Revolution.. or maybe the Wiivolution.. :(


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I still have a soft spot for Nintendo. I grew up on Mario and Zelda, and Contra.
Ubisoft is actually developing a 'Wii' exclusive (I think) game called Red Steel.
It looks awesome.

Oh my goodness, Nintendo actually licensing a third party game developer?
That's un-be'wii'veable!


Wii...well, lets see.

Im sure alot of dumb americans will pronounce it "WHY" as in "WiFi".
Or will think "WEEEEE!!!!" Like they are going down a slide at a water park.
Or maybe its WEE like what the age group that Nintendo markets to, will be doing in their diapers while sitting in their strolers waiting for their parents to buy them a Wii.

Or that could all be said in one simple sentance.

Wii Wii Wii, when Wii can Wii instead.

Translation: Why Wee Weeeee!, when we can go Wii instead.


I have heard rumours that this is NOT the final name, it's just a ploy to get people talking and interested, and the final name will be released at E3.

Rumours, however, but we'll see.