NFL Teams May Replace Playbooks With iPads


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With the Super Bowl just around the corner, how could we not give readers a little technology related NFL news? Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Apple's iPad has been hugely successful in a variety of scenarios. So much so that NFL teams are starting to take notice and could abandon their paper playbooks in favor of the iPad, provided the security is there.


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Makes sense. Considering the size of the playbooks (Green Bay's is reported to be over 600+) and how much time it would take to print and assemble them, I'm not surprised.

Richard Searle

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This will provide Rex Ryan allot more time with his favorite foot care apps! It was only a matter of time though this will make navigating a playbook so much easier.


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Given how much money they toss around for the staff and players for the NFL in general, an iPad is nothing by comparison. It's surprising they haven't done so sooner given they can quickly update and change material to all players & staff at once at a moment's notice.


Basket Chassis
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Hahaha! I'm not a football fan and even I find that funny! I think I peed!