Next Gen Gaming is Almost Here!


Partition Master
As you know, E3 is this week. What are you looking forward to?

I personally am looking forward to more information on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution.
I'm also looking forward to more information on games like Katamari Damacy 2, STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl, Legend of Zelda, and Ghost Recon 3.

Rob Williams

Staff member
I'm looking forward to more Xbox info.. I'm buying one for sure. The new Zelda is looking REALLY good too, so I can't wait to see more video of it in action.

There's a lot of stuff at E3 that won't be seen though, such as a viewing of Unreal Tournament 2007.. would be nice to see more about that game too.

It's no doubt going to be one of the most exciting E3's to date.


The One, The Only...
As usual I will be happy when i get some news on a massively devloped old school style RPG. Until then i will be disapointed with any garbage coming out for anything, but ill prob buy it and try it all the same.


Partition Master
I invested on a Hard Drive Loader Advance for my PS2, so I can literally load games onto my harddrive not requiring the actuall game disc. Not all games work with the Hard Drive Loader, but I read that about 95% of the games do work.