New version of windows and 64-bit?


Will the new version of windows have 64-bit support built-in or is it going to be packaged as a seperate version. Will microsoft release one version of the new windows as 32-bit and one version as 64-bit?


Vista will come both 32bit and 64bit. MS will release both of them at the same time (and it seems to me that MS will be heavily promoting 64bit with Vista).


You can only install one version at a time. I heard around the net from people, the 64bit will be geared towards businesses. You may find that most games and video cards do not support it or release drivers for it, especially if its geared ONLY for business use.


werty316 said:
I wouldn't use WinXP 64-bit. It is pretty much dead from this point on.

Dead? You think it is dead?

Microsoft is coming out with Vista that will fully support 64-bit. I agree there is no point to use 64-bit Windows XP, however 64-bit is far from being dead. Once Vista gets released that will breathe new life into it.


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Hence that why I said WinXP 64-bit. Until Vista is actually out we will have to see if 64-bit pushed forward.