New System, New Scores...



Nothing to see here, move along...
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Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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lol @ almost 3.4 GHz.

That is just plain sick Silly! I am sure those numbers will drop but keep up the good work. God that is sweet.

Nice clocks on the RAM on the GT as well. Can you not get the GPU core up any higher with the added voltage?

Now join the maddness that surely will be our birthday contest!



Tech Monkey
You should be able to get at least 1.2Ghz out of the mem on those cards, I am. Nice setup all around! You got a case or is that cardboard box the new box? :D

Rob Williams

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Wow, that's a nice setup man! I love the ghetto look of your PC chassis :D

I had no idea there was a four image limit per thread. I will see about increasing it to 10.

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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To infinity and beyond!

I hope Ciento and I can resurect the DICE plans from the ashes. Who knows. How did you paint your cases or was that done by someone else?


Partition Master
Holy crap those are some nice scores. nice setup too. Love those Opterons. I am hoping for a 170 in my system in the future.
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