New Networking Problem!!!


Hello everyone,

I've written in the past about having networking problems with my linksys wireless usb adapter.I have since put that by the wayside and went with a network cable yet I'm still getting problems My Specs Are AMD Athlon 2800+ 2.09 Ghz processer 1 Gig ram Radeon X1600 Pro Gfx & Soundblaster Sound Cards With Windows XP SP1. Had SP2 but uninstalled it and went back to SP1to see if it would solve my problems. It didn't! The first thing wrong is when we hooked the cable from the router on my dad's PC to the connector in the back of my computer nothing showed in the network connections also in the device manager there is no network adapter listed except for the wireless one which I did Away with but my PC has A built in Network Adapter. So I don't know why one isn't listed. There is a light on in the Back of my PC where the cable is hooked up and The appropriate Lights show up on the router so I know the is a signal going through the cable Right!!!

Another problem I get is when I boot up I get an error message saying error Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk\DR4. Then it say cancel,try again,or continue. Not sure where this problem came from or if it is related to the networking? The last 3 major things I did on My PC was install a new game, An old Game and a 1 gig pen drive. I've uninstalled both games and still got the error so it could be the pen drive but i'm not sure. Can you uninstall a pen Drive? I'm really confused And tempted to solve my problems with a sledge hammer. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear Them Thanks.

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Scarry, let me get to work where I will have a bit more time to work on a solution for you. I am getting ready now but will do my best to work you through this.