New Danger Mouse CD Released As A Blank CD-R Due To Legal Fight With EMI


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I stumbled across this story, can't say I am that surprised at EMI's stance on this. Nor can I imagine EMI sitting back and not retaliating against this in some fashion. This is certainly a rather interestng method and it would be amusing to see his, ah, "album" sell well regardless.

If you follow copyright issues, you're no doubt aware of Danger Mouse. He's the DJ who got quite a lot of attention a few years back for creating one of the very first mainstream mashups -- mixing the Beatle's The White Album with Jay-Z's The Black Album to create the rather unique The Grey Album. Of course, one of the main reasons why the album became so well known was because EMI sent cease-and-desist letters to everyone who posted copies of the album, and then to anyone who posted that they were going to participate in the "Grey Tuesday" protest. The whole thing seemed pretty silly. It's not as if anyone listening to The Grey Album would find it a substitute for either of the other albums.

Since then, of course, DJ Danger Mouse has gone on to even more mainstream success with his Gnarls Barkley project, a collaboration between Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green. However, it looks like DJ Danger Mouse has another album that he's been working on, in association with Mark Linkous (of Sparklehorse). Yet, due to ongoing legal troubles with EMI, he can't actually release the music. So he's come up with a rather creative solution. Found via Andrew Dubber, the news is that the next album will be released as album artwork with a blank recordable CD.

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Hah... I admire the idea, but I can't see how fans are going to like it. I'm not familiar with the legal dispute, but if there was absolutely no chance that the music would get released otherwise, then whatever I guess.