New AMD Processors (recent refresh with seemingly more coming)


Tech Monkey
Apparently AMD refreshed (part of) its lineup (how did I miss this, I hadn't seen this anywhere) but they dropped the new Phenom II X6 1075T, 3 Ghz, 3.5 Ghz Turbo, and the Phenom II X4 970 3.5 Ghz. They replaced put the 970 as the new top model and dropped prices on the rest. I am also seeing that there is to be a new Quad Core code named "Zosma" that's supposed to be:
  • Four AMD K10 cores using chip harvesting technique from 6 core Thuban die, with two cores disabled
  • MMX, Extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4a, AMD64, Cool'n'Quiet, NX bit, AMD-V
  • Turbo Core
  • Socket AM2+, Socket AM3, HyperTransport with 2 GHz
  • Power consumption (TDP): 95 Watt
  • Clock rate: 3.0 GHz, up to 3.4 GHz with Turbo Core
  • Models: Phenom II X4 960T
So it looks as if it will be easy to tell which chips are X4 with 2 cores locked. It also seems these could be a steal performance wise, grab a new X4 and unlock it to an X6. The Phenom II X4 960T is supposed to be 3 Ghz and 3.4 on turbo, 95 watt TDP. The Phenom II X4 840T is also listed as a locked Thuban as well.

Rob Williams

Staff member
I have a couple of these models here (including the 1075T), but haven't managed to get them benchmarked. I'm having some issues with our PC backups for some reason, so that's not helping.

Being able to pick up a quad and have it act as a six-core would be amazing. I'm still not confident I'd want to take the same route, though. Has anyone here actually unlocked their processor with good long-term success?

You thinking of picking up one of these bad boys, Dark?


Tech Monkey
Well my cousins PC I just built is running a unlocked 555 BE and it seems to be doing fine with no weird crashes. I was thinking about the 960T maybe depending on if I could and there would be a good chance it would unlock, otherwise I would probably wait till I decide to build a secondary PC maybe, not really sure.