Need something to cool my laptop


hi guys,

my laptop has been getting really warm, especially underneath it, after long hours of gaming.

I heard there is a cooling board I can put beneath it, apparently a fan that is powered by the usb, does it work and where can I get one?

what would you guys recommend?

Rob Williams

Staff member
To be honest, I've never found a "laptop cooler" to work that well, so I am not really sure if it's worth it or not, to purchase one. In the future I'd like to acquire a variety of cooling devices to see if any really help, but that won't be for a while due to time constraints.

The problem is, a lot of coolers have fans, and rarely are fans located at the exact same spot on each laptop, which makes it difficult to purchase a cooler that's designed for your specific laptop. I forget who it is, but one company has these mats that dissipate heat quicker, but I forget who it is. That might be the best bet though.


hmm... what about dust that might be trapped inside the laptop? Is that what's causing the heat? Because this doesn't happen a few months ago when it's new.


I bought the Vantec Lapcool 4 with USB hub after reading numerous positive reviews of it.
(It's better than the Lapcool 5)

After using it, I noticed the keyboard is never warm anymore.
The fans are not too loud even at max, and playing CS:S, and WoW with the highest settings cause absolutely NO problems. I can play hours and hours with no problems whatsoever.

It also lifts the back of the laptop a little, which I believe helps with the ventilation as well.

I definitely love this product and recommend it to anyone whose laptops are overheating.